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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on June 16, 2013

Skool Iz Dun

Jacob Trimmer
August 12, 2014
University of Texas
Application Essay

Like the great poet Abraham Lincoln once said, "to be, or not to be?" That is the question that runs threw my head on this day. I am here to write to you to say that I want to be, to be a student of your university and to be apart of it the next for years. Not many have aspired to be students like myself, and I would be more than glad to join your university, probably one of the first ones ever found in America. I feel my involvement in volunteering has adequally prepared me to be a great assit to your college.

When I was young, President Hamilton always said that the road less taken was always the one that made the most difference. Threwout my life I have done just that. I helped build the pyramids. I made peace treaties right along Hernan Cortez with the Native Anericans. I helped encourage suffrage for women during the early nineties. When I was seventeen, I was Harriet Truman's vital assistant on the Underground Railroad. I helped Moses build the ark and I even prevented Cain from killing Able. I have reached out my heart to Irish when they suffered through the Black Plague back in 1998. Oh how I have loved working with the nurses, I sure hope we win the war against the Nazis.

I most ass-surely say that I know what it's like help the community. And I hope that by being accepted into your university I can graduate with my doctorates and be a phenomenal street performer, just like my idol: Martin Luther King Jr. For like him, I have a passion for music and I know in my heart that I can help our community with the enchantments of my guitar and voice.

Please consider me as a serious applicant. I know it may be hard to believe, but there are only 24 hours in a day, we don't have a day to waste. The time is now. So accept me. And let me be apart of something great. Something big. Let me be a part of the University of Texas.

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