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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Janee on June 1, 2008


Once you were small and twig-like in your form;
With slow and silent tread you crept along
Unnoticed, unobserved by all the world;
Do you regret your anonymity?

Then you were hidden in a silken web,
Cocooned in safety as you slowly grew,
Secured from perils of this troubled world;
Do you regret your dark security?

Aloft you then arose on rainbow wings,
And every foe with bright, attentive eye
Was drawn by colors raised in graceful flight;
Do you regret this popularity?

And could it be that we, quite unaware,
Have torn our young from home's secure cocoon
By thrusting them too soon in limelight's glare
To quench our thirst for entertainment's swill?

Have we, with callous heart and selfish thought,
Released on feeble wing unready souls,
To sink beneath the weight of glory's prize,
And fill all hearts but ours with cruel regret?

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