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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Janee on November 1, 2008

Lord, Haste the Day

Lord, haste the Day
When raindrops nevermore shall fall,
When sun and warmth will e'er endure,
And cloudless skies are bright and blue -

Lord, haste the Day
That does not fear the midnight gloom,
Nor hides itself from shadows grim,
But stands against encroaching night -

Lord, haste the Day
When hatred dies a thousand deaths,
And greed shall follow to the grave,
And every evil vice is gone -

Lord, haste the Day
When Death himself at last falls prey
And gasps a final rattling breath,
Then falls into unending sleep -

Lord, haste the Day
When gates of pearl and golden streets
Replace the dismal prison bars
And littered byways of this world -
Forevermore, and evermore.

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