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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Josiah T. on December 10, 2007

Letter To Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

My big sister and I are having a big debate. I'm7 and she's 8. She says that there's no such thing as Santa Claus. I say there is. Can you answer this question for us? Please?

Love, Little Timmy

Dear Timmy,

Of course I'm real! How else would I be writing to you?

Be a good boy this year, and I might remember to bring you something. I can't promise it though, with millions of little boys and girls around the world to remember, I often forget a few.

Sincerely, Santa Claus

Dear Santa,
Are you getting old? My mommy says that people begin to forget things when they get old. Did you always used to forget a few people?

Love, Timmy

Dear Timmy,

One might say I'm getting old. After all, I do have a big white beard. Does your mother say that one's weight might affect one's memory? Mrs. Claus has been trying to convince me to go on a diet.


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