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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Josiah T. on October 21, 2007

Living in pain

Living with pain is not pleasant. First of all, it hurts. Then, if the pain doesn't go away, you have to learn to ignore it.

The pain scars you, makes you numb to everything else in the world. There are times when it seems like it goes away, but it always comes back.

Until the initial problem is taken care of, life becomes a dreary affair. Lost in the pain, you lose your sensitivity to everyone and everything else. The pain calluses you, it scars your mind.

Living with pain is not pleasant. When you learn to ignore it, the pain never goes away, but is always there in the background. When someone asks you "How are you?" What do you answer? Do you lie and say "I'm fine?" Do you tell part of the truth and say "I'm alright?" Or do you tell the entire story that the person doesn't want to hear?

If you have anything resembling a conscience, lying makes you feel worse every time you do it. "I'm alright" is sort of neutral ground, generally a fairly acceptable response. But it takes a very rare person to actually want to hear your entire story.

After a while of living in pain, you start to wonder, "How long must I live like this?" But you don't have an answer, and no where to go to get an answer. Really the only way to get out of living in pain, is to avoid it in the first place!

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