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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mathax on December 17, 2007

Homeless On Christmas

Homeless at Christmas

It is Christmas eve as I walked down the road, there are happy people rushing past in their cars. Sometimes glances were thrown my way. Once or twice a sympathetic glance, one person gave me a couple dollars. I am different from everyone else it seems, with all the looks through at me. I have probably done more for my country than all of them. I was at Vietnam, I was at pearl beach, I was at Iraq, I was wounded at Iraq and shipped back home. When I got home I discovered that it had been burned down, and that my insurance would not cover it. I see a light and make for it. It is a church and they are about to start their Christmas eve service. I struggle in and take a back seat, as I sit down someone comes over and shakes my had and says “It is good to have you with us.” I reply, “I detent expect to be welcome I just wanted to get warm.”

The man replied, “God made every one, even you why should I not great you? Come with me. See that manger? Well in one like that the only son of God came down to earth to save all men. Please come to my house this evening.”

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