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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael K on January 5, 2008
"Writing prompts like this one make me appreciate!"

My Mysterious, Mild Mannered Megaton Monster

Milford M. Marbo (my mysterious, mild mannered, megaton monster) was miffed. Maybe making a mixed meal of malted milkballs, moose meatloaf, and mulberry muffins was a moronic mistake. I surmised this magnificent meal would melt in his mouth, not make misery in his midriff. My mistake. Mr. Marbo, without meditation or misgiving, mashed and masticated this misbegotten, massive meal in his mammoth, monstrous maw: Munch! Within moments, Milford, ever the malcontent, was making murderously macabre moanings and malodorous emanations. My, my, my! Anyone in the market for a mild-mannered megaton monster? He's marked down from market price this month!

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