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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael K on September 27, 2008

The Desequelizer

Most people, when I ask them what they would do with a time machine, say "I'd journey to the future, find out who won the World Series, then come back and bet on it."

That would work, of course, if your goal is solely to be a millionaire, but I think that's somewhat short-sighted and selfish. That's right, selfish. I've figured out a way to make money and provide a valuable community service at the same time.

I call myself the Desequelizer. I use my time machine to journey back into the past and meet with movie studio executives to discuss movie sequels that they are planning to make. I'm able to tell them both the response of the fans, and the future income earned by the film. Then, I advise them whether or not they should make the film.

In return, they pay me handsomely. And why wouldn't they? I save them a boat-load of money with my service. After all, think about how much money they wasted making Casablanca II - Here's Looking at You Again, Sam...what's that you say? Oh, that's right...they never made that sequel, did they?

Thanks to me.

And believe me, you should be grateful that they never made that movie. If you'd seen it, you would have wanted to claw your own eyes out in an attempt to erase the mental image of that disaster from your mind.

I was sick for three days after watching it.

Anyway, I don't normally make a big deal out of this, and I wouldn't mention it at all, but I heard that you really enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Maybe you ought to watch it again.


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