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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Noah on December 18, 2010

The First Flight

I can feel the wind gliding across on my back as I soar through the sky. Nothing can stop me. I am free! I fly by my home in the rocks, but I don't stop, not even for a moment. I never want this amazing feeling of freedom to end. Never! I streak up to the clouds (I've always wondered what they feel like), and then glide slowly down, letting the wind take me wherever it pleases. As I come to the top of the cliff where my home lies, I see my mother and father watching me with pride in their eyes.

As I come to a tree, I notice two eyes peeking out through a crack. Whoever those two eyes belong to, it seems not to be frightened of me. I am curious, so I fly back up and perch on a branch. But they are nowhere in sight, so I take off again and go straight up into the air. As I come to my home again, I suddenly plunge downward head first, heading straight for the water. At the last moment I change directions, now flying only an inch away from the surface of the water. I see something in the water flying at the same speed as me. I turn slightly to the left, and he does too. I nervously stretch out my claw to touch the water, not knowing what to expect, and then find that it makes a most enjoyable affect. The water turns into confusion all around my claw.

With darkness coming on at full speed, that wonderful feeling of freedom that I so enjoyed earlier now starts to wear off, and I start to think of my mother and father and my nice cozy home up in the rocks. Once again I change my direction and fly upwards, towards my home and my parents. When I get to my home, my mother greets me with as much a smile as an eagle can have, and I find some muskrat leftover from earlier that day.

Although now I fly almost every day, and am constantly exploring new places and making new discoveries, I will never forget that experience of my first day outside of my nest; with the water below me, the sun and sky above me and the wind blowing all around me.

This is the first time I have ever tried writing something like this, so I hope all of you enjoyed it.

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