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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Noah on June 10, 2011
"This is my attempt at blank verse. I'm kinda late for this writing prompt, but I'm pretty sure I can still post something for it. Hopefully!"

The Seasons

There is a time when trees grow tall and green,
When sunshine bathes the world in sparkling gold,
When flowers bud like bubbles on a pond,
And pebbles line the shores like marching men.
The wind creeps softly through this world of peace,
Awaking birds to chirp their morning song;
Awaking frogs that jump into a stream,
And wander lazily around for hours.

There is a time when hotness rules the day,
And ev'ry creature shelters in the shade
Or crawls beneath the ground to keep him cool
Or hides below the waves down in the sea.
When nighttime comes the moon shines down on all.
The light seeps through the clouds like floating mist,
Or floods the unveiled sky like flocking birds,
Descending down to Earth to light the world.

There is a time when budding plants are few;
When greens turn into yellows, browns and reds.
The trees, they take their newly colored coats,
And throw them off to brave the coming cold.
They dare each other on with taunts and jeers,
The peer pressure so great they can't back down.
The only wise ones are the evergreens,
Who watch their fellow trees and can't help laugh.

There is a time when White's the reigning king.
And Cold sits by him as his right hand man.
As Queen Wind passes, branches bend down low,
And all who don't will surely lose their heads.
White's evil brother, Snow, makes sure of that.
His favorite sound's the cracking of a limb.
He weighs them down with such a heavy load,
The pain before their death is staggering.

I love the seasons all so very much,
And each one has its own unique, fun traits,
So when, "Which one's your favorite?" is asked,
I shall indeed reply with, "All of them!"

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