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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Noah on January 2, 2011
"I wanted to write a poem, but I couldn't think of what to write one about, so I looked around, and the first thing I saw was our Christmas tree, still up from Christmas. So I then decided to write about trees. Although it's not a very good poem, I hope whoever reads it will enjoy it, and hopefully not find it a waste of their time."


A tree is great in many ways:
It makes a bench when down it lays,
It gives me shade in summer, yes,
But I think above all the rest
Is when it lays inside a fire,
It almost seems then to aspire.
It keeps me warm inside and out,
And doesn't even care or pout.
It takes the flames and all the heat,
It almost sees it as a treat,
To sacrifice itself for me.
That's what I love about the trees.

Why they have such kindness though,
Is one thing that I'll never know.
So next time you say, "I hate trees,
Why do they have to bother me?"
Then tell yourself to look around,
And notice every house in town.

Trees have sacrificed themselves
For roofs and doors and big bookshelves.
And lots and lots of others things,
Like when your telephone does ring.
The call has traveled through the wires,
That hang on poles, do we admire
The awesomeness of every tree,
That has died for you and me?

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