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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Scott on April 19, 2011
"I started with the first line in my head, and the rest just seemed to follow!"

Fastest Path

Rolling down the highway, at a hundred miles an hour
The landscape blurring past me, I'm blinded by the power.
Trying hard to leave my past in a place I can forget.
Running to a safe place in a friend I haven't met.

Shaking all my worries, blowing off like rain.
Shedding all the heartaches, all the misery and pain.
I'll never get what I have lost, but I'll embrace what I might find.
Leaving all the doubts and fears for a healthy state of mind.

We know not where the road may take us but we follow anyway
Tomorrow never comes to us, we only have today.
We fight to stay upon the path, to never lose our way
But then we find the fastest path is when we kneel to pray.

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