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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Scott on October 2, 2011
"When thinking about all the stories I have read, one name kept popping up as being the one with the most ideal life."

I Like Pooh!

I often get a lot of odd looks from people when I say that I like Pooh. That's Pooh as in Winnie-the-Pooh. I find it difficult to believe that there is anyone out there who does not like the "tubby little cubby, all stuffed with fluff", but alas, they exist.

Winnie-the-Pooh is the epitome of what childhood is about. His only worries are dodging heffalumps and finding the next jar of honey to calm the rumbly in his tumbly.

The little Pooh bear is a friend to all he meets, from the crotchety rabbit, the worrisome Piglet, the mopey Eeyore, to the obviously ADHD Tigger. This little cubby is able to see the silver lining in any cloud and make the best of even the worst situations.

Pooh is that character which exemplifies the best in everyone. Perhaps the fluff extends a little too far into his head causing some of his thinking to be, shall we say, askew, but every once in a while, his wisdom touches those who hear him, even if he doesn't mean to.

If I were Pooh Bear, I would like to think that I would not get my nose stuck in a honey jar, nor would I get stuck in someone's window, causing my friends to have to devise a way to.. unstuck... me. Then again, perhaps it is these escapades which gives Pooh his charm.

Yes, I think Pooh would be the ideal character to be. With friends that are always around and a happy ending just beyond the next tree, the Hundred Acre Woods certainly looks like a pleasing place to be.

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