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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Scott on April 7, 2012
"A lullaby for a young child."

Hush My Child

Hush, my child, now don't you cry.
It's time for bed, so close your eye.
The night has come, lay down your head,
And I'll stay here beside your bed.

Hush, my sweet, no time for play
It's time to sleep until the day.
The sun has gone, the moon did rise,
Lay down now, and close your eyes.

Hush my love, I'll stay right here
To watch, protect, and calm your fear.
I'll chase away the dreams that fright.
And keep you safe all through the night.

Hush, my babe, we're proud of you.
Mommy's here and Daddy, too.
You'll grow so big, you know that's right.
Hush, my love, sleep through the night.

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