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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Trent on October 13, 2012
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: cuff, student, fantasize, gland, common ground, archaeological, hydroelectric, monolingual"

A Letter Home

Dear Mom,
The archaeological dig is going well. They say that three mudslides a day is a little more than usual but I don’t mind.

From the moment that I first chose to be a student of this discipline I have fantasized about this type of adventure. I never dreamed it would be in Timbuktu though.

My biggest contribution so far is the hydroelectric generator that I invented. It has a gland around it to make it super watertight. Too bad there isn't a small river or stream within a hundred miles.

To be honest I don’t have a lot of common ground with the locals. I feel trapped in the monolingual jungle of my cultural upbringing. They are great though. I am looking forward to them bringing back the clothes I loaned them last week.

Sorry this note is “off the cuff” but my time is limited. They tell me that I will be on the temporary bridge crew tomorrow so I should get some sleep. Who knew that you needed bridges between sand dunes?

Your Son in Mali,

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