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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Topazshell on February 24, 2015

My Magic Carpet Is Out Of Gas

My magic flying carpet ran out of gas."

My magic flying carpet ran out of gas. I had run out of dreams to dream. Now it was time to look in my treasure box and pick a dream to live. That meant taking a risk. Riding on the magic carpet had been far more fun. When you have a thousand dreams, how can you choose one and make it a dream come true? I didn't know how long it would take me to pick through all those dreams. I wasn't sure a month would give me enough time. Maybe I just needed a week or two.

I decided to use one Sunday. I wouldn't go to church. I would hike through the mountains. Go up into that lonesome, crooked one room shack and sit down at the table. I would take my alarm clock. In one hour's time, I would choose my dream. I would live with my choice. I wouldn't grumble about a lack of time or that no one had been there to support me.

That Sunday was a foggy one. No rain, just foggy. I didn't take my cat, Peter. I went alone. I walked slowly up the mountain. I tried to think along the way. I couldn't do it. The lake down below and the wildflowers could always distract me from thinking especially blue wildflowers. When I reached the door of the cabin, it was opened a little bit. One squirrel sat up on the table cracking an acorn. I hurried him along. After all, this was a big day for me. I had a dream to choose and later, live.

I had a small sack of apples and my drinking water. It was so quiet. Not even the birds were singing. I sat down. In my sack was a bag of pretty marbles. I would move those around on the table as I played with my dream. I had one hour. Then, the timer would go off. I wouldn't change. Only my heart would change. I would become a new person. Doing something completely different from what I might have been born to do.

I was scared. Whatever dream I chose would make the rest of the family upset. I never could please them. I didn't mean to do it. It just happened. I was the underlying cause of all their big fights. Mom and dad fought about whether I should wash the dishes or just go ahead and do homework. My nephews argued over whom did I loved best and how did I show it. My sister just out right hated me because dad said, "you're jealous of Carole." I heard that statement so many times it made me sick on the stomach. What in the world did I have to be jealous of? I wasn't pretty. I wasn't smart. I didn't have a lot of friends.

I never believed Marie could be jealous of me. Impossible. I knew she didn't like me. I didn't know why. Then, other times I felt she loved me with her whole heart. Marie puzzled me. I should have stood up and said, "why is she jealous of me?" I never thought to question my parents. I just knew to grumble, roll my eyes, stamp my feet as I ran up the stairs.

So, I didn't need any of them here with me as any so called support. They would make me nervous. Skeet would laugh at me. "You can't make a dream come true." James would mumble something and go somewhere else to draw or sketch whatever.

All I needed was me, my marbles and a little water to drink. I didn't want the apples. I was becoming more serious by the minute. Pick a dream I mumbled to myself. Then, never change it. Go live it. I picked up four more marbles and skipped them across the table. I closed my eyes. No thought came. Pass dreams disappeared. I couldn't remember one. I closed my eyes again. Nothing. Then, I remembered Langston Hughes' poem about a Dream Deferred. I had waited too late. My dreams had bellied up. What now? I couldn't imagine living the rest of my life working in a factory canning tuna. I had to have a dream. It was the only way I could survive here.

Pressed for time, I could hear my little clock ticking. I stated my dream out loud. I would marry George Ruler. He lived not far from us in the valley. I had known him since grade school. He didn't look too bad. He just had two big bumps over his left eye. I would marry him. We would make dreams together.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I gathered my water, clock and apples. I took a big bite out of one apple. After all, this was a cause for celebration. I had a dream. I would make my dream come true. I would live happily ever after away from all the people that I seemed to upset so badly.

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