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Jim writes: "I have included "My Secret Word" as a daily game for those in my private Facebook Group We play the game and post our scores and the last player each day posts the word when he or she solves he puzzle. Lately, when I follow the posted link address I do not get the same game as the others. Why is that? How can I fix that? Please help."

Jim, I actually sent you a reply email, but it got returned with a "mailbox unavaiable" message, so I'm posting my reply here, in hopes that you'll see it!

Here’s what I would check for – make sure that you look at the DATE to ensure it matches what everyone else has for a date. The site recently moved to a new server, and “midnight” on the server time zone is different from what it was on the old server, so if you happened to be doing the puzzle in the evening or early in the morning, you might be getting that crossover between yesterday’s and today’s puzzle.  Or, the same issue would arise if the last person to post for the day was actually posting the next day’s word because they’ve crossed over midnight.
So I would encourage your group members to double-check the date before they post their score and the word.  The new version of the site will actually say something like “You have just played the July 30th daily” or something like that, to help visitors verify which daily they’re doing.
Hope that helps!

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