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William asks us: "Do you have any legal term word searches?"

The short answer is: Not many. You can see what we have by clicking this link, which takes you a search page for the word "legal" in our printable worksheet pages: Legal Search. If you have a specific legal term you're looking for, you can try putting that word in the search bar to see what comes up, or try searches like "law" or "court."

That's the short answer. The slightly longer (but not much longer) answer is: Creating word searches from your own vocabulary lists is simple and easy to do. The capability to create your own word searches starts with a tiny investment of $4.95 to get a Pro Membership on the site. Once you have a Pro Membership, you will have perpetual access to the control panel which allows you to create not just word searches, but also jumbles, mazes, and other content.

To learn more about how you can use your Pro Membership to create your own Word Searches, click here: Video tutorial.

Once you're ready to start, you can go here to buy your Pro Membership. When you do, consider spending an extra $4.95 to remove ads for one year, and help support this educational site!

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