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This site has an extensive reference unit on the topic of Codes and Secret Messages, and because of that, people often make the assumption that I want to help them decode their own personal secret messages. This is actually rarely the case. Actually, I think in decade plus that this site has been online, there's only been one instance where I helped someone decode a secret message. It was a Harry Potter code, and I turned it into one of the "Easter Egg" pages on the site (good luck finding it!).

I've even put a notice on the "Ask Professor Puzzler" contact page, letting people know that I'm not in the business of translating their secret messages for them. But the codes keep coming.

So we've added a new section to the community forum called "Codes and Secret Messages". This is a place where - if you are a member - you can post a code, and ask the community for help decoding it. Please note that in order to post a message in the forum, you must be a member, AND you must have played (and completed) at least five games on this site (that's our own version of a CAPTCHA - instead of asking you to read a convoluted, messy line of text, we ask you to solve puzzles; it's much more in keeping with the nature of the site!).

So if you've got a message, a code, or a riddle that needs decoding, head on over and ask for help!

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