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Wolf Story was originally published in 1947, but feels timeless in its portrayal of a five-year-old boy named Michael who is always asking his father to tell him a story. That story -- about a hungry wolf named Waldo who is after a many-colored hen named Rainbow -- takes on a life of its own and becomes a "story within a story" as bits and pieces of it are told before bedtimes and on road trips by Michael's father.

Michael is reminiscent of many five-year-olds in that he wants to have input into the story, and doesn't want to let his father get away with ending it too soon. Michael's father is patient and creative, with an occasional sarcastic streak. 

I wouldn't have minded if the story of Waldo the wolf had gone on a bit longer, but as the ending shows, the best stories never really end. This book is a great length for young children who are just getting old enough for chapter books, but older children would probably enjoy it just as well.

Format: Hardcover
Author: William McCleery
Illustrator: Warren Chappell
Pages: 82
Content Advisory: One swear word, and a bit of cartoonish violence including bats and guns (no death).

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