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Tut's Mummy: Lost...and Found! is a book I just read to my first-grader, but also one that I remember having read to me as a child. I think it must have really sparked my imagination for ancient cultures, because I still remember many details from the story, such as Howard Carter touching a necklace and watching the thread turn to dust, and the description of him looking on Tut's face for the first time.

Just the magnitude of this discoverey and its treasure and the fact that these objects and Tut himself had been preserved for so long is mind-boggling, and as an adult I can better appreciate just what Tut's mummy must have meant to archaeology and culture at the time. 

For many kids this may be one of their main introductions to ancient history, so it's fun to think of how many have enjoyed this over the few decades since it's been published.

Scrounged From: A curriculum sale

Format: Paperback
Author: Judy Donnelly
Illustrator: James Watling
Pages: 48
Content Advisory: Brief description of death, and a brief mention that some believed in the "mummy's curse."

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Ideas from Nature is a simple early reader book featuring different aspects of nature that engineers and inventors have copied for people to use. 

The clear photos illustrate ideas such as hook-and-loop closures (like Velcro) and the burrs that inspired them, snakes and snake-bots which have a few different uses, architecture shaped like a giant flower, and more.

This is a great way to inspire kids to look around at the ingenuity present in nature, as they grow in confidence with reading.

(Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy.)

Scrounged From: NetGalley

Format: Kindle
Author: Mary Lindeen
Pages: 32
Content Advisory: None

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