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Algebra - Mixed Practice Overview

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Algebra - Mixed Practice Overview

Below you will find a link to all of the worksheet sets in the "mixed practice" category. The purpose of these worksheets is to supplement standard textbooks, which tend to focus on one subject at a time, with the unintended consequence that subjects which haven't been mentioned in a few weeks get forgotten.

These worksheets can be used regularly in your classroom (maybe one per week, as your students progress through the course), or as an occasional supplement when you recognize that there is a topic or two that your students need more practice on. Most of the worksheets have a "focus" - that is, one subject that appears as a larger percentage of the content. Two or three other topics will appear as well. For example, worksheet 6.1 has a primary focus of factoring difference of squares/perfect squares quadratics, but the worksheet also contains LCM, GCF, fraction manipulation, and word problems.

Care has been taken to follow a fairly standard scope and sequence, so review materials truly are review. In some cases, where sequence varies from curriculum to curriculum, we avoid including some items in the "review" part of the worksheets. For example, some curricula do quadratic equations before systems of equations, and some reverse that order. Thus, while there are worksheets that focus on quadratics, and worksheets that focus on systems, neither topic appears in the review section of the other topic's worksheets.

On this page, only the main focus of the worksheet is listed; click the link to see a more detailed overview of each worksheet.

Mixed Practice #1 - Pre-Algebra

Worksheet 1.1 - Basic pre-algebra concepts
Worksheet 1.2 - Basic pre-algebra concepts
Worksheet 1.3 - Turning phrases into arithmetic expressions and evaluating

Mixed Practice #2 - Including Algebraic Expressions

Worksheet 2.1 - Converting simple phrases to algebraic expressions
Worksheet 2.2 - Combining like terms
Worksheet 2.3 - Converting phrases to algebraic expressions and simplifying

Mixed Practice #3 - Including Linear Equations

Worksheet 3.1 - Writing equations
Worksheet 3.2 - Writing and solving equations
Worksheet 3.3 - Writing and solving equations

Mixed Practice #4 - Polynomial Manipulation

Worksheet 4.1 - Adding and subtracting polynomials
Worksheet 4.2 - Multiplying polynomials

Mixed Practice #5 - Factoring

Worksheet 5.1 - Factoring difference of squares and perfect squares
Worksheet 5.2 - Factoring general quadratics
Worksheet 5.3 - Multi-step factoring problems

Mixed Practice #6 - Quadratic Equations

Worksheet 6.1 - Solving quadratics (no rearranging)
Worksheet 6.2 - Solving quadratics
Worksheet 6.3 - Solving quadratic word problems
Worksheet 6.4 - Solving mixed quadratic and linear word problems

Mixed Practice #7 - Rational Expressions

Worksheet 7.1 - Reducing algebraic fractions
Worksheet 7.2 - Multiplying and dividing algebraic fractions
Worksheet 7.3 - Finding the LCM of algebraic expressions
Worksheet 7.4 - Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions
Worksheet 7.5 - Simplifying complex fractions
Worksheet 7.6 - Solving rational equations

Mixed Practice #8 - Systems of Equations

Worksheet 8.1 - Solving systems of equations
Worksheet 8.2 - Indeterminate and inconsistent systems
Worksheet 8.3 - Fractional systems of equations
Worksheet 8.4 - Systems word problems

Mixed Practice #9 - Radical Expressions

Worksheet 9.1 - Simplifying radical expressions
Worksheet 9.2 - Simplifying radical denominators
Worksheet 9.3 - Solving radical equations

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