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How laziness can be a good teaching tool in a mathematics classroom
142857 - Number theory, classroom projects, exploration, and activities surrounding an unusual number with mysterious properties.
An alternate way of looking at the term 'term' and how we define it to our students
Problems involving mixtures, including solutions, coins, populations - Algebra One Problems
Converting English language phrases to algebraic expressions
A lesson that involves teaching students ways of using algebra to help them do arithmetic
Introducing students to the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, using a bit of geometry to provide a basic proof
An overview of all the worksheets in the 'Mixed Practice' worksheet sets

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10 ways to get wild about Math, 11 tips for building a strong Math foundation for kids, An Equation is not a Process, How kinesthetic folks learn Math, Mathematicians are Lazy, The Causes and Prevention of Math Anxiety, War Card Game - Modified for Subtraction Practice

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