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When speaking through a translator, there are many pitfalls in attempting humor. Be prepared for jokes to flop, or to be funny in unexpected ways
Historical events and current events make great illustrations for teachers to use in their lessons; the lesson is connected to existing memories
Surprise and humor can be powerful and effective tools for driving home a point. This article provides an examination of Jesus' teaching style.
Object lessons use common objects and activities to drive home a point by connecting it to thoughts and memories already in the listener's mind.
Cross-cultural teaching requres special preparation, whether it is in your own country or across the world. Avoid slang to avoid confusion.
Effective communication in cross-cultural situations is dependent on having a good translator, and knowing his capabilities.
Repetition of ideas is an important educational principle. Article provides examples of this principle in the teachings of Jesus.

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Teaching With Common Objects And Activities, Teaching With Historical And Current Events, Using Repetition To Drive A Point Home, Using Surprise And Humor

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