Go Pro!

After a hiatus to work on some other projects, there are a couple new changes on the site.

Pro Membership

On the live version of the site, you can purchase a very inexpensive "Pro Membership," which removes ads from the site.  Now your pro membership transfers over to the new site, and you shouldn't see ads here, either.  If you have a pro membership, but you're still seeing ads on the new site, go back to the "dev tester" page on the old site and re-login.  

World of Words

World of Words is a new blog which will be maintained by Laura; she will be doing a "word of the month" feature, using words she chooses.  But if you would like to suggest a favorite word for her to write about, you can use the contact form to make your suggestion!

What's Next?

I'm hoping to have more changes, and perhaps a couple more games on the site next week.  Stay tuned!

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