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Number Quest is the newest game on the site.  This game is renamed from "Secret Number" on the old site.  The reasoning for the change is simply that what used to be called "Secret Number II" was by far the more popular of the games, and we wanted to name it simply "Secret Number."  Thus, the game formerly known as "Secret Number" needed a new name.

In the new version of Secret Number, you don't have to select questions from a drop down list.  Instead, you check the questions you want to ask (yes, you can ask multiple questions at once!) and then click "Ask."

Beware of asking too many questions at once: you start with 1000 points, but you spend 25 points on each question you ask, and 50 points each time you click "Ask."  Thus, you will get the best score if you think carefully about how you "bunch" your questions.

You will lose 200 points every time you make an incorrect guess.

When you are ready to guess, you can either type your number, or use the keypad to enter your guess.

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