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One comment we've often gotten about the games is that while they are fun to play, they aren't very "colorful".

That's true.  They aren't.  For many people, excessive color gets to be a distraction.  And we don't want to distract.

However, we will be experimenting with some different backgrounds for the game windows, just for a little visual attraction.  For example, this morning, if you play any of the games, you'll find they look something like this:

The background image is fairly low-contrast, so hopefully it will not prove to be much of a distraction for players.

At the moment, all the games have this same background, which is math-and-technology themed.  That isn't great for word games, so we'll be exploring other possible backgrounds as well.

Do you like it?  Does it distract you?  Drop a note in the forum with your thoughts; we'd like to hear from you!

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