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In the old version of Word Spin, there was a scoring system which used data from multiple games to assign you a rating compared to other players.  The rating is designed to show overall consistency in game play.   The math of the rating system is fairly simple.  Your last 50 games are examined, and the outliers (highest and lowest scores) are removed, and then the remaining scores are combined to create a single number representing your overall performance.

The new site will also have the rating system, and the rating system will be used in multiple games.  You will have a rating for Word Spin, Diamond Slide, Adders, Zap!, Quadratic Rush and Trio Match, and possibly other games on the site will have rating systems added.

The rating system will work just a little bit differently on the new site; it will actually be a reflection of your ability relative to other players with ratings.  The math is a little bit more complex than it was on the old site, but the end result of the calculations will be:

  • A rating of 1000 is average
  • A rating of 1200 means that you are the best player on the site.
  • Your numerical rating will fluctuate even when you aren't playing, based on the games of other players.  For example, if you have a rating of 1100, and everyone else is getting better at the game while you aren't playing, your rating will decrease toward the average mark.

For now, ratings are NOT being displayed, but as of today, the site is collecting the data it needs to calculate your rating, so be sure to play these games lots, so you can develop your rating!

Update - Apr 10

As of this morning, when you play games that support the rating system, when you finish a game, the game-over screen will either tell you your current rating, or it will tell you how many more games you have to play to establish your player rating.

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