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We're starting the Brain Food page back up here on the new site.  We will be posting one new brainteaser every two weeks through the summer months. There is a puzzle here: To Ride or not to Ride.

Here are three types of Brain Food puzzles which will often appear.

Hinky Pinky - In which you are given a clue, and you must figure out two rhyming words that fit the clue. For example, if the clue was: "A Much Nicer Restaurant", the answer might be: "Finer Diner" Hink Pink is a pair of one syllable words, and a Hinkety Pinkety is a pair of three syllable words.

Word Ladders - A game invented by Lewis Carroll, in which you must get from one word to another by changing one letter at a time. Example: to get from HATE to LOVE, you might use the following Word Ladder: HATE/RATE/RAVE/CAVE/COVE/LOVE.

We will often do synonym word ladders, in which we don't give you starting or ending words, but we give you a synonym clue for each word along the way.

Word Equations - A word equation is an addition of two or more words to create a third word. Here's an example: SLENDER + RULER = PONDERING. The reason this equation makes sense is, SLENDER = THIN, and RULER = KING. THIN + KING = THINKING = PONDERING.

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