Go Pro!

As of this morning, there are only three games left that have not been converted to the new version.  These games are:

  • Snowflake Maker
  • Fizziks Tilt
  • Spy Chess

These three are going to go on hold for now, because their redesign will take significant work, and there are bigger fish to fry on the site right now.  Have we missed anything?  Are there other games besides those three that aren't converted over?  Please let us know if you find anything else missing from the games.

While we move on to the "bigger fish," please keep playing all those games and posting questions and bug reports in the forum.  We'll periodically take a look at those and try to fix problems you find.  Thanks so much for all your help and input!

So what are the "bigger fish" we need to fry right now?

  • Making everything functional for anonymous (non-member) visitors
  • The Problems and Brainteasers section
  • The Printable worksheets
  • The Products blog
  • The Easter Egg Pages
  • The Teacher Features
  • Game Instructions
  • Game Demo Videos

Yes, there's still a LOT of work to be done! Thanks again fof all the valuable input you've all given.

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