Go Pro!

Wow! This month has shown the highest level of game play we have ever seen for the month of July! (July is typically the lowest game play month of the year, because everyone is so busy with swimming, hiking, camping, exploring, family vacationing and all the typical summer activities that keep people from game play online!)

What's even more impressive is that game play for the month of July this year has been even higher than the month of June this year, and June is typically significantly higher than July (school is in session for at least a couple weeks of June, in most places!).

What we're finding is that although we don't have significantly more visitors on the new version of the site (though that's on the rise too!), on average our visitors are staying longer, and visiting more pages, and playing more games before they leave.

I know I've said it before, but THANK YOU to all of the many members and visitors who took the time to try the development version and give valuable feedback during the months leading up to the changeover at the beginning of July. It is, in great part, thanks to you that the new version is so much more easy to use, attractive, and enticing to visitors.

And thank you, also, to the many game players who didn't see the notices asking them to try the new versions of the games, but still offered gracious and helpful suggestions once the new version was live!

Pro Problems

Currently we're developing the "Pro Problems" section of the site (Pro Problems). A few of our pro members are busily writing math problems for their students for the coming year, and the pro problem section is growing steadily as a result.

We realized that the directory structure is a bit faulty, for two reasons:

  1. It is not well enough organized to conveniently categorize all the math topics in the high school curriculum
  2. It doesn't give us opportunity to expand into other subject areas, such as Physics or Chemistry.

Accordingly, we are working at redesigning the directory structure, to more closely align our organization with the educational standards most teachers will be familiar with, while developing a Physics directory to go alongside the math directory.

At some point soon, we will be temporarily shutting down the pro problems section (not in the pro control panel, but on the main site) while we re-connect all the problems to their new directory structure.

This will likely happen sometime between 3 and 6 o'clock, EST, sometime in the next two or three days. So if you're on early in the morning (or if you're in European/Asian countries later in the day!), you may see the Pro Problems temporarily vanish.

Don't worry - they'll be back!

Pro Membership and Virtual Classroom

We've had to temporarily suspend the ability to sign up for pro membership and virtual classroom, because we are still tweaking the new version of the Virtual Classroom, and we don't want new teachers to be confused by the changing landscape of features while we do the last bit of debugging and tweaking. (See the Pro Member Forum to find out about some of the tweaks we're working on!)

We anticipate that the ability to sign up for Pro Membership and Virtual Classroom will be reinstated around first of August. Watch this space for more details!

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