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In the Pro Problems section of this site we have hundreds of math and science questions that you can use in your classroom.  A new feature has been added to this section of the site: Presentation Mode. This mode allows teachers to put these problems on a big screen for use in a classroom setting.

In presentation mode, the site goes into full screen mode, so the browser address bar and navigation elements disappear, and the problem takes up the entire screen. 

We've done our best to automatically resize the problem for full screen size, but we also recognize that, with many different teachers writing problems, and each using different ways of formatting their problems, and with every teacher using different display devices, we can't guarantee that every problem is perfectly sized for your display. Because of this, we've included zoom icons in presentation mode (in the bottom right corner of the display) so you can tweak the font size of the problem.

If you are a subscribed teacher, the displayed solution on the page also has a presentation mode, so after having your students work on the problem, you can put the solution on the big screen. If a solution is detailed and/or complex enough that it will not fit on the screen, a scroll bar will appear, allowing you to scroll through the solution as you talk about it with your class. To make it easy to toggle back and forth between problem and solution, there are "Q" and "A" icons at the bottom of the screen. Just click to switch to the other view.

However, the solutions are hidden behind a subscription wall, in order to prevent students from accessing them, so if you need/want solutions, head on over to the subscription page to get access to the solutions!

How do I use this feature in my classroom? Every day, for each class, I find a problem that fits the current subject of study (if I can't find one, I create one and post it!), and start the class with my students attempting to solve a problem, while I handle mundane tasks like attendance, handing back papers, etc.

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