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Two new reference units have been added to the site, which teachers may want to explore for the next coming school year as supplemental materials.

Simplifying Radicals

Simplifying radicals is an area of Algebra that students often find frustrating (and also pointless). In this unit, we discuss first of all the reasons why having standard rules for simplifying radicals isn't pointless, and then we go into detail on many of the rules for simplifying different kinds of radical expressions, including some less common but interesting radical simplifications!

Significant Figures

This unit covers another area of math and science study that many students consider to be pointless. Again, we address the question of why sig figs really are useful, and then explain the rules for finding significant digits,  and the rules for applying arithmetic operations like addition and multiplication when using significant figures. There is also an explanation of the difference between measured and non-measured quantities, as well as some word problems requiring proper use of significant figures.

We hope you find these units helpful!

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