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Paper Craft: Three Dimensional Cross

This was originally designed as a steeple topper on a three dimensional church model I was designing. However, it functions very well as a stand-alone object. It is made from a single piece of cardstock. Use the redline image to identify which lines should be cut (red) and which should be creased (gray).

If you would like to have a cross with a base, so it will stand on its own, please visit this page: Cross with Base.

Printable Cross Template
Redline Cross Template

Recommended Tools


  1. Print the printable template on cardstock (scale the print size for smaller or larger crosses)
  2. Using scissors or a knife, cut along the outline of the image.
  3. Use the redline template to identify which additional lines need to be cut (red). Note that the red circles are for optional step 6.
  4. Using your knife, carefully score (but do not cut through) the remaining lines which have not yet been cut.
  5. Fold each scored line to 90 degrees.
  6. Optional: this craft can be made into a necklace for a child by piercing holes through the middle of the upper side pieces and threading a string through before gluing.
  7. Using your craft adhesive, glue the side pieces to the back. Take your time, do just a couple at a time, and let the glue start to set before you move on to the next one.
  8. Finish by gluing the top and bottom faces.
  9. Optional: paint your cross.

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