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Paper Craft: Dodecahedron Table Ornament

When my wife and I were married, we wanted something uniquely "us" to use as a centerpiece on the reception tables. We selected ten images that we had taken on various dates, and created these dodecahedron ornaments. The bottom face is blank, and the top face says "Love", followed by our names and the wedding date. This ornament could also be used as a twelve-month calendar, with one month printed on each face. The template for this project is blank, allowing you to add your own content. This template was designed to fit on a 13 x 19 sheet of photo paper (which we ran through a wide printer), but it can be scaled down to a smaller size.

Printable Dodecahedron Ornament Template
Redline Dodecahedron Ornament Template

Recommended Tools


  1. Select images you would like to print on the ornament, and paste them into the template using your graphics software (optionally, you can print images separately and glue them onto the faces).
  2. Print the printable template on cardstock (scale the print size for smaller or larger dodecahedrons)
  3. Using scissors or a knife, cut along the outline of the image.
  4. Use the redline template to identify which additional lines need to be cut (red). 
  5. Using your knife, carefully score (but do not cut through) the remaining lines which have not yet been cut.
  6. Fold each scored line.
  7. Using your craft adhesive, glue the tabs which extend beyond the pentagons. Take your time, do just a couple at a time, and let the glue start to set before you move on to the next one. When you get down to the last few, it can get very tricky, so let me say again: don't rush. You don't want to ruin your ornament on the last face!

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