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A physics problem involving two battleships facing off against each other, with a cannon firing from one deck to the other.
Cargo is dropped from a decelerating jet, and must land on an X
Leonard and William receive StarFleet issue ping pong ball launchers for Christmas. They fire, and the balls collide in the air.
A hunter fires horizontally while standing on an inclined slope
Calculate the horizontal distance a hay bale travels while rising from the chute
Calculate the trajectory of the fowl that was fumbled in the grocery store
Santa wants to drop a present from his sleigh and have it fall down the chimney. What speed should he be traveling?
Calculate how far a bullet will travel, given the speed and a horizontal aim

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Airplane Drop, Baling Hay, Decelerating Jet, Flight of the Roaster Chicken, Horizontal Launch, Hunting on a Hill, Leonard and William, Projectile with Air Resistance, Roof Launch, Santa's Present Drop, Slingshot Launch, Speeding Bullet, You Sank My Battleship!

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