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How to simplify various kinds of radical expressions, including square roots, cube roots, and expressions with radicals in the denominators
Learn more about polynomials and polynomial equations. How to find solutions, understanding conjugates, relation between roots and coefficients, and t
Solving systems of equations, including systems of two and three unknowns, as well as fractional equations
A unit on rational expressions, including adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing algebraic fractions, as well as solving fractional equations
A brief unit on calculation, reduction, and uses of determinants
Some tips and tricks for factoring cubic polynomials and other higher degree polynomials
Understanding what a matrix is, and different ways of manipulating matrices
Fundamental counting principle, permutations, combinations, and distinguishable permutations

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Algebraic Fractions, Basic Word Problems, Cat and Mouse Variation, Complex Numbers, Counting Principles, Determinants, Factoring, Factoring Higher Degree Polynomials, Matrices, Polynomials, Sequences and Series, Simplifying Radicals, Systems of Equations, The Quadratic Formula

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