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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on January 29, 2011
"My goal is to learn all I can about writng . I am new and passionate about writng."

Winter Night

Winter's night dream, the night offers me solitude and city lights shining in the distance. The highway is not to far away. The high way is not to far away . This has a double meaning. Deep inside my soul closer is thee than hands and feet . Me ,my self and my most new found relationship. Words, yes my relationship is with words , with winter , with the snow and the cold and the night. I opened my window tonight because I was very hot, very miserable. Then I began to release the dream that oozed out of my finger tips. Heaven, I bring down to earth via my finger tips. The most effective angels which take charge over me are the senses. The aroma which escapes the burner is called a' fresh spring rain'. The lights are a burnished gold. My finger tips delicately tap the black keys in front of me . My eyes are the schoolrooms of two pupils who stay in the positon to learn each day. I am content in my soul sanctuary. Winter offers me an opportunity to reach out to a community with a common unity. We are bound by our relationship with words. This winter's night dream is to be part of a mathematical equation which is an addition and a multiplication into the lives of those who I am connected to by my words.

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