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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on March 17, 2011
"sharing my words with those who have relationships with their words to"

Emotional Release

E-motions! Fresh out of a cage a bird should be able to fly. I sit here filled to the rims of my eyes with emotions. I feel pent up,so I write this will release the stagnant water settled in the well of my soul. Deep breathing ,exhaling this gale of sadness. Yes, this is sadness and it seems it 's filling me up. If only there were a release valve. Deep breathing, that valve is me ,it's my own ability to set these e-motions free. I choose to see the sadness in me as vapor,evaporating with each word that bleeds onto this page. Deep breathing ,sit up straight improve my posture so i can release the strain in my back. Now I feel the soreness escape me. My eyes begin to cry because I gave myself permission to sit up straight and accept this temporary feeling of sadness. Deep breath! that's better perhaps it's better to be the moisture inside the oyster that helps to create the pearl, as Rumi so evocatively recites. I am you,you are me and sadness is the vapor that dissipates into thin air above the sea.

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