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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on March 24, 2011
"This was really a fun exercise to think of ways to use subject words . I had fun..."

It's Elementary My Dear

Honey, it's elementary let's do the math ! No subtracters they only take away from the excitement of weddings. No dividers they split themselves into little cliques opposing each other by strict judgement. One plus one equals addition and they add to the affair bringing a much higher vibration . I have some great multipliers to enhance the overall quality of the wedding! Hmmm, well dear as i see it we need the conjunction of those who can put together the praises and clauses and make this wedding function. We need the exclaimation of those who are ready to proclaim that "love is in the air"!! We neeed to complete this event with a long sentence of two people committed to life's definition of the institution of marriage. Well... now that we got that settled. Let's go to bed.

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