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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on April 10, 2011
"a thought provoking exercise full of example"

Intangible Poetry

a religion not recognized
love is the mystery that moves the sun,the moon,and the stars
sometimes love is the agony of its abscence
love is the scent of the flower on the hand that gave it
love is the suffering of waiting and watching other's who are in it
love can be out
love can be in
love is the sermon of the four seasons
love is the thunderstorm when lightening strikes
love is timeless,love is the character #8
love fights addictions, and wins the war over selfishness
two pupils in my eyes learn through the school of love they
look at the scene aand they see
love is seeing,hearing,tasting,smelling.touching life's delicacies....

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