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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on May 23, 2011
"a short piece on my thoughts concerning the tornado over north mpls. a very powerful witness to natures chaos and mayhem..."

one with the wind

a mighty wind gales from the west and takes me east toward itself , i am just a spec of sand in the wake of it's tornado. the grand trees which stood firm for 60 to 70 years have been uprooted and strewn like toys in a play room of a 3yr. lod child. who am i in all this nature. who am i in all this power. who am i in all this frenzy. who am i in all this chaos. i am the safe harbor of my daughter and my grand daughter's, i am the mighty wing and under my feathers they will find refuge. i am the strong tower and in me they will seek safety.i am the fortress of strength and here they will be comforted. i am the voice of 1000 women, i am the love that runs the course of 1000 rivers into an eternal ocean, i am the prayer that reaches my relative the universe. i am the vessel poured out and offeredl. i am ....

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