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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on June 16, 2011
"a short story that took place at the beginning of a tornado which i was unaware of."

Stormy Weather

The weather that day was quite overcast and convincing that nothing would happen to drastic to me! I had a notion I should call my youngest daughter and tell her to come home from over north . I picked up the phone intuitively and dialed her cell number. Lexas answered her cell and I told her to come home. She told me she was with a friend and her friend did not have any bus fair. I called her older brother and told him to make sure that Lexas got home right away. I would meet them at the bus stop. I started out of the house and noticed the wind began to gust and thrust me this way and that . My umbrella turned inside out, nevertheless I proceded down the hill feeling like a tumble weed rolling across the desert floor. I looked to my left and seen a homeless man on a scooter tucked back in a crevice at the gas station. I literally blew over that way and stayed there while torrential rain and gusts of wind hurled objects to and fro in front of us ! This weather violence took place about 5 minutes then slowed down . I noticed the homeless man covered in plastic bags started up his scooter and sped up and out of the cubby space so I followed. I looked forward to see light rains and clear skies. I turned and looked back and saw the darkened clouds swooning towards the north. I just then got a phone call from my oldest daughter saying " Mom we were hit by a tornado!" by then I was at the bus park and ride shelter. I stood there in disbelief! I looked at the homeless man and we were startled to find out that we were in the start of what did great devestating damage to the northside of the city. The beauty of this experience is that nature is both serious and funny! Some of us are seriously in the midst of storms and yet nature has held back the riegns of disaster. Looking back I was totally unaware of the choice I made on impulse to leave the house. Seeing a homeless person taking shelter was my saving grace ,I would have never known I was at the start of a tornado which did great damage. What's funny is a homeless man knew where to go for safety and even though I have a home I left it to go out into harm's way and did not know where to go for safety! We never know who we are going to have so look to for the answers we need most at a crucial time of need. I guess that's why the say to be careful to entertain strangers for by so doing we have unwittingly entertained an angel.

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