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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on July 24, 2011
"it seems i am letting go when i need to hold on, from this day on i will hold on!"

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Looking back on all that I have come through I realized I am an extraordinary woman . I have fallen a few times but have realized only I am the one who gets back up . I am really thinking about how my life has changed and how I can make it better . I think alot can be improved and only I am capable of making the changes. I have let my self hold me back from progress and now I will make a choice to move on and up into a better way of life . There are times I think I won't make it because of the emotional disturbance which exists within , but I let those emotions take control and move me to lower realms of living . Not any more! I am choosing to pick up my book of life and narrate a new chapter.

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