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The following is a piece of writing submitted by candice austin on November 14, 2011
"i just wanted to write and express my self lightly so what ever came to my mind that is what i wrote."

Car Improvement

Well if I were going to invent something to improve the performance of riding in my car, it would be the following. I would invent carseats that feel like clouds. I would invent a panel that by the sound of my voice would execute my commands. I would want the kind of car which could change it's colors lke a chamellion. I would want the kind of car I would never have to change a flat tire. This kind of car would have to be like a magician and perform magic or maybe even put me under a spell, that would be relaxing... Yes , I would invent a car that could do everything imagineable. I say all these things right now because I am down like 4 flat tires . I have no car! Just think if I had one though. I would be greatful.

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