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The following is a piece of writing submitted by ZemiC on February 22, 2011
"This passage describes how I met my wife and what I was thinking in those first few moments...and a prelude of what was to come."

Mein kampf and my reward

I was walking, reading a text message on my phone. It was night with only the dim lights of the parking lot shining down on me. I looked up to see the prettiest eyes I had ever seen over the glow of my cell phone. Her eyes looked like warm chocolate with a hint of caramel sauce. She stood on her tiptoes, said hello and wrapped her arms around my neck to hug me. I smiled and hugged her back. She smelled so good. "You're tiny", I said. I wish I had said something more clever but I couldn't think of anything that quickly. We walked inside, sat down at the bar and talked for hours over several drinks. Her eyes drew me in and her kiss sealed the deal. To receive great reward always requires great struggle. My struggle had just begun.

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