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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Aleena on April 7, 2011
"Inspired by the fairytale- Beauty and the Beast."

My Beast

When I looked at you,
The very first time
I saw a Beast with
A cruel heart,
Forced to live
In the Castle with you,
I thought you were
A heartless Beast....

Time passed by,
Everyday you asked me
To be your bride,
Everyday I refused,
Little did I know then
That the beast I once saw
Was now dead and gone
I had nothing to fear anymore.....

When I wanted to go back
You let me go
Knowing I didnt want you then
But now, when I have
Realized my folly,
that within the
Harsh exterior
Lies a loving heart
I fear it is too late......

I can't let you go
Away from me
Now that I have
Found that,
Within my heart lies
True love for
My beloved

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