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The following is a piece of writing submitted by InfinPotent on May 10, 2011

The 1st Hug

Holding each other for the first time... sooooo nervous. Hands fumbling for a comfortable place where its "appropriate" to rest. Backs held by palms similarly unfamiliar territory.

So close and acceptance... not just desire, but acceptance... more than ever...

We accepted we: voices, hair, clothing, stories...

His ways, her hair, their stories... similarly woven.

Roads similarly shaped, traveling together, through the mountains and valleys.


We sees we. Hand(s) melting together, your foot / my foot down similarly winding roads, and one merged together.

Light apprehending light. / Joy birthing joy.

Though meshed words and buried past... I ... see... us.

Knows me:
the quiet kid in the back...
the over-sized bully now reformed...
the passionate lover...
the nerdy jock...
the future pastor...

Knows me:
the spiritual partner...
the guiding star...
the hope for a community...

Thank you God for bringing [who] understands me, the opportunity to really be with someone who gets me. Thank you.

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