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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lililing14 on August 22, 2011
"First piece of writing ever."

~Thoughts On Replay~

~Thoughts On Replay~

"I watch the life drain from your eyes, your warm soul replaced with the blueish hue, I beg you not to leave you are the one I need to know."

One minute you were the young man, I always knew. I will never express my feelings towards you, out of fear of rejection. You looked at me and smiled, sadly I knew you had to finish your mission with the others. From a gentle being, to a beast with every muscle of your body bulging. Beautiful long hair transforming from lavender to blond and spiked up. What had became of you?

"Trapped between the difference along your ride, you believe your here to stay. My thoughts of you remain, you are the one I need to know."

Three years ago you first appeared from the future, you came back and soon butterflies fluttered around my stomach. Palms sweating from everytime you came around, nervous laughter at the fact of your being in my presence. A blessing from above, glad to have meet you, but all good things must come to an end.

"Thoughts of you circumnavigate my mind, over and over, then cross the line."

Now you've accomplished your mission here, you know couldn't stay here forever. Turning around to me before leaving, we shared an embrace that meant more than anything to me at the time. How could time have passed so swiftly?

~ "So it looks like I have to go now," with the saddest face, you talked as if everything was alright.

"Yeah...Trunks?", the only words I had managed to choke out, with my face pressed into your lavender scented jacket.

"Don't worry, I'll promise this won't be the last time you see me.", and with that you nodded and went on your way, throwing the peace sign to everyone.

"Goodbye.", I whispered, watching the time machine float into the air, suddenly vanishing. ~

Six months has passed since then and listening to this song has reminded me of you so much. When will the beautiful boy come back? My mom suddenly called me to answer the ringing door.

~ "Hello, who is it?"

"It's me!"

The voice sounded way too familiar, a sudden warm feeling of joy sprung across my body, soul, and mind. Slowly opening the door, the appearance surprised me.

"Would you like to go on a picnic? By the way invite your mom.", extremely delighted and lightheaded(blushing a beet red tone). I called for my mom and quickly introduced them to each other. This could be a great start...

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