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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lostcerebellum on August 17, 2008
"Sesquipedalianism seems such a fitting name for a word that means using foot-and-a-half-long words. "


Obsequious, a fancy word, is used infrequently,
And even then, in likelihood, it’s ostentatiously.

A scrivener with logorrhea incoherently
Endeavors to communicate through his garrulity.

Articulating thoughts by means of volubility
Is not synonymous with writing efficaciously.

Our language is a tool, intended, surely, to be used,
But not to make the reader feel grammatically abused.

Incessant tautological and pleonastic words
Connote verbose pretentiousness and sound somewhat absurd.

Don’t babble on loquaciously in insincere display;
"Succinct and cogent lucidness," is what I always say.

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